Customer Service Has Been Kidnapped

Hello! My name is Lynn Dowdell and I am a customer service junkie!  Now that I have admitted this in public I can tell you that I am not ashamed of being a Junkie to the customer service world.  I decided to start a blog because I wanted to know if there is anyone out there like me who thinks that customer service has fallen into a dark pit that people in the service industry as whole have forgotten about.

Without devulging to much information, I have been in the service industry for over 30 years.  My very first job was a receptionist for a senior citizen center, I was in charge of greeting the seniors, answering questions regarding the daily activites and events that were planned.  I also answered phones and directed seniors and all other visitors to their desired destination within the center.  I have always had a great level of respect for my elders so it was a piece of cake going to work everyday during the hot summer months.

I loved engaging the seniors and I also was smitten by the fact that I was always told I had a pretty smile.  This was the beginning of my life as a career customer service champion, from there I always greeted everyone I encountered with a smile.  I made that person feel as though they were the most important person and that no one else mattered.  Today I use the same smiling technique when  I am on the phone, writting an email or speaking to a group so it saddens me when I shop in my local supper market or call a business and I am not greeted with a smile through the phone or face to face.  I often wonder if the person assisting me could hear what I hear or see what I see when they are greeting and servicing me would it make a difference or if they truly care.

I vote to bring back good customer service.  Let people know that you value their patronage and make them feel as though they cannot wait for the next visit or call because they know their needs will be met.

Author: lynndowdell

I love to host, entertain and provide hospitality with a twist - Foodie - Motivator - Traveler - Influencer - Customer Service Enthusiast - Dreamer - Social Contributor - Winenista 🍷- Bourbonite 👇Join my tribe👇Follow me!

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