Who is Dick Gregory?

Mr. Dick Gregory


Dick Gregory!   Who is Dick Gregory? This is a name I have heard much of my natural born life, not just from my Mom or Dad but more like from a teacher, a stranger, television or a book.  Mr. Gregory has been on this earth 85 years this coming Wednesday and as he tells it, he has not stopped being unapologetically real since the beginning of his realization at 9 years old.

I got the chance to listen to Mr. Dick Gregory up close and personal last night and I haven’t slept yet!  I am first so honored to be in the presence of history.  This man has fought, lobbied and advocated for human rights, cival rights and social economics your life and our children’s future.  He has went on hunger strikes to raise awareness for campaigns in America and overseas.  I see a man who will and has risked everything for the cause of the right thing.  How many of us talk about it, yet we are truly never being about it.

Tonight Richard Claxton “Dick” Gregory was funny, he was conscious, he was a teacher, your neighbor.  But most of all he was and is real.  Unapologetically real!  If you are not woke, seeing Mr. Gregory on a civil, educational, social or comedic platform will make you want to open your eyes to embrace love for one to another, social injustices, American culture, healthy eating and the loving of ones self.


Mr. Gregory is not only a living legend, he is powerful.  Power is in the mind.  He teaches all people that you too can be powerful.  It is not how much you have as much as it is what will you do with what you have been given.  So before I lay my head down @ 2:22 A.M. est.  I will look in the mirror once more and marvel over how beautiful I am and the power that I have been given to do something good and great in this world.  I challenge you to do the same if not more.

Thank you Mr. Gregory for being you.


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