Wine For A Time



A Lover of Wine

I’ve been a lover of wine for many years. I am not talking of the younger years when I drank the $5 dollar bottles with family and friends that had my head pounding before the next day. Nor  am I speaking of the sips I took when my aunts were busy in conversation that I slipped in during the holidays.  Those were good times so don’t think for a second that I did not enjoy the occasions of my past, but as the years have moved on I’ve gained a greater appreciation for the grapes on the vine.

I have visited wineries and vineyards since the early 90’s but it wasn’t until one particular night that the love of wine really grew on me. One Saturday night my cousin and I cruised the aisles of our local liquor store for a wine that would arouse our taste buds. After about 30 minutes of looking, laughing and greeting others coming in we found this bottle dressed in beautiful white etched flowers atop of the green bottle. Yes, it was the bottle that caught our eyes. Everyone knows that a unique bottle or a lovely design will catch the eye of two women. More importantly, two women who were invading the world of wine while they took on the “City of Churches”.

The wine that woke me was smooth and had a suttle finish that left us wanting more. We finished this particular bottle of wine over and over again for what seemed liked a year and then life took its course. I moved away and life happened, but I will never forgot the nights with dinner, laughs and bonding together. It helped me but more importantly gave me a reason to start my journey in wine.


Fast forward to spring 2018, my family was coming to town for a family get together and it was my mission to turn it into an extravaganza! I was going to make sure whether they’d admit it or not, this would be a soirée they would not soon forget. I had pulled all the punches with dining and entertainment for the early birds that it made those who were on their way pretty anxious for their arrival.

For My Ladies

I’d pulled off almost a week of hosting and entertaining but the real fun was about to begin. My immediate family and I pulled off an exceptional Barbake (we can talk about this another time) that had never been done during prior family gatherings so one would ask, in fact my cousin from Tennessee said “I mean she has out done herself, what more could she (meaning me, smile) possibly do? It can’t get any better.” I just smiled and gathered all the ladies in the parlour and the kitchen and started giving directions. This is where X marks the spot.

We pulled out a cheese board and grabbed a few different cheeses from the fridge. One girl-cousin took to the serving table on the lanai to bring in some brisket to set atop of some Cuban bread, a couple of girl-cousins sliced some fresh fruit and prosciutto and another went to the pantry to find some dark chocolate. One thing about the ladies in my life, they can make something happen at a moments notice. By the time I asked for the wine glasses to be set-up, well everyone knew the “Ladies Meeting in the Parlour” as it read on the itinerary was sure to be a hit.


The doorbell rings and all of my ladies are in formation, the wine tasting is about to begin. I chose Wines For Humanity to provide an evening of wine and education for my event. I’d been a great host up until now and Lee, my Sommelier was going to assist me with the reigning title of hostess of the 21st century! Wines for Humanity provides an educational and entertaining presentation of 6 exclusive wines from around the world, and a portion of the proceeds from the wines selected benefits a local charity in your communityThe one thing that was disappointing to me was that right now Wines for Humanity is currently only able to deliver wine to 14 States and Indiana, Georgia, Virginia, D.C., Maryland and Tennessee are not on the list.


After the initial shock and the room settled our evening began. The wines presented came from different regions of the wine world such as Germany, Italy, France and California. In each of these regions the wine, the way its made and the flavors are very different. And hearing these notes being presented to my guests was amazing. The notes such as the smell and the taste of wine can be an exciting adventure. Understanding and engaging in the five senses of wine will last a life time and allow for a pleasant experience every time.


The ladies were swooned by the fragrance of the wines and how they paired with the hors d’oeuvres. It was interesting to see how everyone’s palette was different and how senses were starting to develop as well as those that were yet evolving. I loved seeing my parlour transform into this seductive place of seclusion in the world of wine that we’d found ourselves in. This night the start of many more experiences that I am sure have set the tone, poise, posture and presentation for years to come.

I am so happy that from seeing and hearing of my adventures over the years, businesses and ideas have started and are flourishing. I am content in the fact that the world of wine is welcoming and will embrace you with open arms.






The Fish House

We took our aunt and uncle visiting from Indiana to The Fish House for their anniversary dinner.  My aunt loves the blues and my uncle (originally from Miami but gone over 30 years) is a drummer, we’d heard of The Fish House having live blues and jazz so we were banking on a good time and it paid off!


The Fish House has live music on Fridays and Saturday’s in the BackRoom. The BackRoom is just that, a cozy room on the right side of the restaurant where you are pretty much up close and personal with the musicians while you dine and enjoy your party.

The restaurant is known for their seafood which was another reason I choose it to gather as my aunt loves fish and crab legs! We were seated immediately which was good, however I was both confused and surprised when I walked up to the hostess area and requested seating for a party of 4 and was asked if I had a reservation. Reason being is I called twice, once during the week and the day of our visit and was told that they did not take reservations on Saturdays but their were reserved signs on 2 of the tables… They just kind of dismissed my inquiry regarding the reserved tables when I questioned why I was told that I could not make a reservation.


Since no one in our party had dined there before we were both overwhelmed and excited about the menu. My aunt is allergic to tilapia so we needed to confirm how the seafood was cooked. She was a bit disappointed to learn that all of the fish was cooked in the same grease as she wanted to try the yellowtale snapper on the menu.  She ended up going with grilled shrimp and I wanted to surprise her with a crabcake, however the waitress after putting in our order learned that the crabcake was also cooked in the same grease and fryer that tilapia was cooked in so she changed the order to a lobster tail but didn’t tell me. I really still don’t know how to feel about this, I just know she was trying to help me surprise my aunt and make her evening special.

The rest of the party had the following. Island conch fritters for an appetizer and a shrimp and rice entree for my uncle in which he said the conch fritters were made different from those he grew up having as they were more like cakes or patties versus the balls he had on this night.  Marty had the golden fried sailors platter that included calamari, wild jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, mussels, and fish nuggets. Lightly floured and deep fried with coleslaw and tostones. I had the yellowtail snapper fillet with a caesar salad and grilled vegetables which consisted stringbeans, corn, and mushrooms from what I can remember.


We enjoyed our meal while listening to Motel Mel delight us with blues, R&B, jazz and soft rock. He was good and very engaging with the room (BackRoom). I can tell you that our table could sing and name just about every song. My uncle won the trivia (I bet you can’t name the group) that Motel Mel shouted out and he also wished my aunt and uncle a happy anniversary at our secret request.

Upon leaving, the lady in charged thanked us for coming and asked if we enjoyed ourselves.

Well.. Yes, we hit the nail on the head this night.