Tea Time

I had lunch with my daughter on Friday and it was great to spend time with her at Kaleisia Tea Lounge. I was impressed with the place she choose to have tea. As we entered it seemed inviting and the people were helpful with kind smiles. I loved their “I ÔŁĄTea” shirts!

We both enjoyed Asian Noodles that were combined with red peppers, lemongrass seasoned tofu and a touch of cilantro. I of course spiced mine up a bit with chili paste. The dish itself was dainty and colorful in the big off-white bowls they were presented to our table in.

My daughter had her favorite, Vietnamese Coffee in the “TEAtanic” size. Vietnamese coffee is coffee mixed with condensed milk. I am not sure what blend this tea house uses but those that we’ve had in the past are made with Cafe Du Monde Chicory Coffee and the condensed milk. We thought their blend was very nice.


I had the Dirty Chai, which is a mixture of both tea and coffee. This milky drink was very smooth and satisfying if you are a tea drinker who occasionally likes to have coffee like me. Our drinks came in these huge mason jars that made us anxious for our first sips!!! We were happy with our choices as we chatted away. Oh and you must to try the Matcha cookies, were shaped like stars and some I’m always day dreaming this was special to me. The cookies had a nice matcha flavor and were covered in bakers sugar. The cookie had a semi hard exterior that crumbled in your mouth.


There is a Tatami-esque room with Shoji doors that transported my daughter back to a Japanese Tea House she’d visited in Japan last summer. She was very comfortable and in her element during oura time at the Kaleisia Tea Lounge.

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We did see the owner, she assisted us with the reward card for our drinks. She has a beautiful smile and a calm aura surrounding her.

Kaleisia Tea Lounge is a lovely tea house that we will be visiting again.