Sunday Conversations

I started Sunday Conversations because I love to cook and entertain.

I frequently invite friends and family over to gather and break bread. I always prepare a small smorgasbord with a signature drink, music and plenty of conversation, so it seemed quite natural.

Everyone has been dealing with COVID 19, work, working from home, family and everything else and I longed for face to face contact, of course with social distancing in mind. I missed good laughs and even better, food! So I said to myself, Lynn what can you do and hence Sunday Conversations was born.

I sent a simple invitation that basically said we work hard so we’re entitled to play a little, or a lot. I set a date, time and told my guest that the Shae-Lynn’s Bistro and the Castro Lounge was ready to welcome them with open arms. I shared that we should plan for Sunday Conversations once a month, rotating to each others Pad for some “Our Time”. The funny thing is, several guest arrived the week before as they too were anxious to gather and devour. Well of course they were met with silence as we were away at the time. My phone was ringing and I was met with questions and hungry individuals who had to go home and fend for themselves.

With PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) at the door, when our date did arrive it was nothing short of awesome! All of my guest were not able to make it but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and one to another. Let’s start with the hor d’oeuvres. I prepared a Vegetarian Charcuterie with a Signature Drink. The Charcuterie consisted Mozz Balls, Peperoncini, Salmon Stuffed Olives, Artichoke Hearts and Roasted Red Peppers. The Signature Drink, Drew’s Elixir Dram was named after my daughter as she concocted a tea drink which is both refreshing and full of health properties. I on the otherhand used her delicious tea to make a nice stiff but tasty cocktail, hence we have Drew’s Elixir Dram.

We went out to the Castro Lounge to indulge on our hor d’oeuvres and listen to the sounds of Eric Roberson, Vivian Green, India Irie and a host of other Neo Soul and Soulful singers. The table was set before the guests had arrived so when it was time to dine, I plated the goodness in the serving ware and summoned the guests to the Parlor where Shae-Lynn’s Bistro served a truly flavorsome dinner. The menu consisted of King Crab Legs, grilled and sliced Pork Shoulder, a delicious Salad filled with Heirloom Tomatoes, Asiago, Romano and Parmesan Cheese. The dinner was complemented by two wines: KOGARA CANYON, a South Eastern Australian Chardonnay. This wine paired well with the King Crab as its citrus and honey melon flavors danced with a smooth creamy butter finish. We also sipped the velvety waves of LE GRAND Pinot Noir (Black Sheep). This French wine gives off notes of grass, blackberries and cherries. It gave me a feeling of being out in the grassy meadows in the summertime. Its medium body seemed to warm the faces of my guests as they cut into their Shoulder and dipped the steak into the garlic butter sauce that even made the Romaine sing.

We laughed, sipped and had long moments of silence as we grazed and filled our bellies. We delighted ourselves in individual servings of Créme Brulee which never made it into the photos. The best part for me was seeing satisfaction, love and a sense of calmness in a different way on everyone’s face, even if only for the few hours we spent together. We all got to let go and unwind. I can’t wait until it’s time for our next Sunday Convesations.

Author: lynndowdell

I love to host, entertain and provide hospitality with a twist - Foodie - Motivator - Traveler - Influencer - Customer Service Enthusiast - Dreamer - Social Contributor - Winenista 🍷- Bourbonite 👇Join my tribe👇Follow me!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Conversations”

  1. Wow! Looks like you guys had a good time and the meal presentation was “top shelf”. I see your creme brûlée didn’t make it to the table, must have been even better. It’s one of my favorites. The crab legs and the chardonnay already had my mouth watering for good times at Shaylynns Bistro.

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